Customer Service

The outsourcing of non-core operational processes represents an important choice for the company, which in many cases makes it possible to rationalize and vary the costs, while increasing efficiency and operational flexibility.

BCB provides the main inbound, outbound and back office services, including:

Telemarketing: It is the most effective way to acquire new customers and retain existing ones. It aims to target specific users. We thoroughly analyze the objectives to be reached to define the contact method, the purpose of the call and the writing of a script capable of reflecting the characteristics of communication and the image of the client.

Teleselling: We carry out sales campaigns for companies’ products and services. The campaigns are organized according to the instructions of the Company and with the support of BCB Call Plus, both as regards the identification of the target and the training of the operators, with the definition of the scheme and the contact script, or the ways of approach that the operator must follow. We are equipped with complete databases for both: consumer and business targets. Each campaign is subjected to real-time monitoring in order to maximize results and therefore return on investment.

Caring: The Customer’s re-contacting allows the Partner Companies to maintain a continuous and lasting relationship. Thanks to a prior preparation on each individual customer, we are able to offer an accurate caring service, proactively capture customer needs, and at the same time anticipate the management of any problems. The Service allows the collection of valuable information, the loyalty and the creation of up-selling opportunities.

Customer Satisfaction: It has the function of identifying which products or services are not satisfactory in the eyes of the buyer and in this regard identifies the levers on which to focus or the aspects to be improved. We can carry out 2 types of CSM also in the same research: Satisfaction with the relationship with the company and Satisfaction with the product / service.

Front Office: Telephone queue management for technical and commercial support. One Call Solution and Single Point of contact management. The service is realized with the use of professional operators able to guarantee a continuous supervision, whatever the time or linguistic needs.

Contracts Management: Contract Management: Acquisition, registration, scanning, verification and inclusion of orders and supply contracts.

Delivery Management: Today the challenge for digital businesses is the speed of implementation. We are able to offer efficient delivery management by telephone re-contact, planning interventions, route optimization, diary co-ordination, activity accounting on customer systems (ex. Siebel, Sales Force etc …)

Document Management: The digitization of enormous quantities of documents, information that in most cases is provided in paper form, a form that inhibits possible digital elaboration and consequently the discrimination of data subsets, the aggregation of the latter and the creation of reports easily and quickly.

Order Management: Through our inbound-selling service it is possible to manage the acceptance of various types of orders. The Company’s customers, by calling the number assigned to it, will be able to order products and / or services by dialoguing with a professional operator who, if necessary, will interact with the Company’s warehouse and availability management systems. Orders can then be collected in off-line mode and re-transmitted to the company at the end of the day or in online mode, with immediate verification and commitment of stock availability. This method provides for the integration of our system with company management applications.

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