Google services for your business, on your domain. Rely on BCB Call Plus S.r.l and bring to your company the simplicity and reliability of a suite of products aimed at increasing the efficiency of your company, whether small or large, in terms of communication, collaboration and productivity. All simplifying the configuration and maintenance processes, with a significant reduction in IT costs.

Secure, private and ad-free email for your company: Gmail keeps you updated with real-time message notifications and securely stores the most important emails and data. IT administrators can centrally manage accounts across the organization and for all devices.

Use a personalized email address @companyname: Earn customer trust by assigning to all users of your company a professional email address in the domain, such as susanna@companyname and john@companyname. You can also create group mailing lists, such as

Work without interruptions: Access your email anytime, anywhere, on any device. An internet connection is not necessary: you can read and write draft messages and then send them as soon as you are back online.

99.9% service availability guarantee, 0% planned inactivity: You can rely on Google’s extremely reliable servers and always be active, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Automatic backups, anti-spam protection and industry-leading security measures keep your company data protected.

Enrich email conversations with chat and video: For those moments when you need something more than just an email, join a Hangouts Meet video call or chat with a colleague directly from your inbox.

Integrated online calendars, designed for teams: Spend less time planning and more time on your activities with shareable calendars that easily integrate with Gmail, Drive, Contacts, Sites and Hangouts. So you will always be aware of upcoming events.

Create spreadsheets, collaborative, intelligent and protected for rapidly changing organizations: Sheets has been designed with the needs of agile organizations. The features allow you to tap into the right information to make important business decisions. A cloud-based architecture lets you collaborate with anyone, anywhere, anytime. Compatibility with external systems such as Microsoft Office removes the obstacles related to the use of different data sources. Built on Google’s infrastructure, Sheets unleashes creativity and at the same time ensures the security of data.

Document processing for teams: Create and edit text documents directly in the browser, without the need for dedicated software. More people can work simultaneously and all changes are saved automatically.

Polls and modules easy to create, for every need: Create custom forms for surveys and questionnaires at no additional cost. Collect all the data in a single worksheet and analyze them directly in Google Sheets.

Fantastic presentations created in collaboration: Create and edit professional-looking presentations directly in the browser, without downloading any software. More people can work at the same time, so everyone always could have the latest version.

Mark important things and increase productivity: Organize your work. Quickly note everything that inspires you and deadlines to remember. Create notes in collaboration with your team members and set reminders to meet deadlines. Synchronization is instantaneous on all your devices, so you will always have at hand all that is really important.

Build high-impact sites for teams without any difficulty: Create engaging and high-quality websites for your team, project or event in a collaborative way. The sites will be displayed perfectly on all screens, from desktop computers to smartphones. And all without having to be design or programming experts.

Store, share and access your files in one secure location: Archive any type of file and access it anywhere and anytime from desktop computer or mobile device. Keep control over sharing mode.

Get all the storage space you need: The Business and Enterprise versions of G Suites offer unlimited storage space, so you will always have space for your files. Centralized administration, data loss prevention and Drive Vault facilitate user management and file sharing, as well as meeting data compliance requirements.

Organize your team files in a shared space: Use the Drive team to archive the work of your team in shared spaces safe and easy to manage. The ownership of all files added to the Drive is assigned collectively to the whole team, so all its members are always keeping up with updates.

The information you need, exactly when you need it: Use the power of Google to search the contents of your company in G Suite. From Gmail to Drives, Documents, Sheets, Presentations, Calendar and others, Google Cloud Search answers your questions and offers relevant suggestions that help you carry out your daily activities.

Simple and effective management: Easily add users and manage devices and configure security and settings so that data is always protected. The administration should be a simple thing.

Archiving and eDiscovery for email, files and chats: Manage, store, search and export emails, Google Drive file contents and chats saved in your organization’s registry. Included in the G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprise versions, Vault allows you to store the corporate data of G Suite products, including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Team Drive, Google Groups and Google Hangouts Meet.

Mobile Device Management: Ensure employee satisfaction and data protection through a management capabilities for Android mobile devices, iOS, Windows and other easily configurable smartphone

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